Bench with planters

This photograph shows a dark brown wooden bench sited in front of a white building on a street in an English country town on a sunny summer day. There is an area of grey flagstones on which the bench sits and which extend in front of it to the tarmac road. On either side of the bench are planters made from half wooden barrels. The planters contain plants that hangs over the edge and more upright plants that have red and yellow flowers. In the centre of each planter is an exotic plant with olive green sword-shaped leaves about 45cm long arranged in a fan shape. The bench and planters are situated on a strip of grass which has turned brown in the summer heat. The edge of the grass behind the bench is marked out with white painted stones which separate it from a grey gravel drive. There is a red car and a silver car parked on this drive behind the bench. Between the two cars is the green door of the village post office. This is a white two storey building with a pan-tiled roof. Pan tiles also cover a veranda roof that shelters the bay windows on either side of the door.