Raised flower beds

This photograph shows a raised flowerbed in Wetherby town centre. The raised bed is situated on a slope and the photograph is taken from the bottom of the slope looking across the flowerbed to the street beyond. A path of smooth beige flagstones leads away from us and forks at the flowerbed. The path to the left has five wide steps that lead to the street above. The path to the right is sloped and also reaches the street level above. This path has a greenish-grey tubular metal hand rail on the side furthest from us. The level flowerbed is raised about 1 meter from the level of the path nearest the camera so that it too lies on a level with the street. The walls that retain the flowerbed are constructed of roughly dressed stone the same colour as the paving. The flowerbed contains predominantly yellow flowers bordered by plants with blue flowers. There are also three equally spaced exotic plants with sword-shaped leaves that are arranged in fan shapes. Behind the flowerbed on the street is the back of a noticeboard such as you might find at the entrance to a park. The street, a mixture of stone and pink-painted two-storey houses and shops climbs away from us in the background.